Halloween, Thanksgiving, Autumn

Choose from a wide variety of "spooktacular" candies, coffee and tea, seasonal candles and unique gifts for your Halloween, Thanksgiving and Autumn holidays and get - togethers!

Don't lose your head when trying to pick out your favorite Halloween treats for your favorite goblins! 

 We offer many bulk candy items for your autumn holidays and parties.



Black Jack Taffy, (Black Licorice Flavor), Bulk 2 Lbs

  • Black Jack Taffy, (Black Licorice Flavor), 2 Pounds
  • Soft and chewy combination of sweet sugar and spicy black licorice
  • A colorful yellow, orange and black taffy
  • Makes a great gift or party treat!
  • Makes a great gift, Halloween or party treat!

Black Jelly Beans - 2 Lbs


  • 2 Lbs of delicious black jelly beans
  • If you love the taste of black licorice you will love these jelly beans
  • Hard to find item!
  • Super gift for Easter,Halloween or any special occasion

These delicious and hard to find black jelly beans make the perfect gift for the lover of black licorice! A nice gift for Easter or Halloween!

Black Licorice Laces - 2 Lbs

  • High quality Black Licorice Laces
  • Fun to do braiding and making knots with these laces
  • Ideal for baked goods decorating
  • Each piece is Ysoft and chewy and is full of classic licorice flavor.

Boo Bag, Candy Assortment (Halloween, Parties, Office) 2 LB

  • 2 Lbs. individually wrapped candy assortment
  • Great Halloween candy assortment
  • Perfect assortment for parties, pinatas, office candy dish
  • As assortment of traditional and new candy favorites

Candy Corn & Pumpkins Mix - 2 Lbs.

  • 2 Lbs of Candy Corn & Pumpkins Mix
  • The perfect Halloween candy treat.
  • Soft and chewy pumpkins, candy corn and Indian corn
  • Perfectly sweet candy mix to complete any fall harvest basket
  • Share with friends and family.

Chocolate Filled Pumpkins, Filled Hard Candy - 2 LBS

  • Seasonal Pumpkin Shaped, Chocolate Filled Hard Candy -2 lbs
  • Orange flavored hard candy pumpkins filled with a delicious chocolate center.
  • Makes a great addition to your fall harvest, or autumn candy dish.
  • Made in the USA!!!

Fruity Gummi Pumpkins - 2 Lbs.

  • Fruity Gummi Pumpkins - 2 Lbs. ~ Halloween / Fall Candy
  • Fresh and fruity gummies come in fun pumpkin shapes in bright fall colors
  • Use these gummies to complete a harvest basket full of treats. Garnish your favorite autumn desserts.
  • A treat kids are sure to love.
  • Made in the USA!!

    Grape Gummi Bears - 2 Lbs


    • 2 Lbs Sealed Bags
    • Freshest, softest and the most mouth-watering gummi candy available
    • Approximately 145 bears per pound
    • Grape Flavor

    Purple gummi bears are delicious concord grape flavor. Soft and yummy these gummy grizzlies taste as great as they look. Perfect for parties like weddings and other formal events

    Harvest Pumpkin Trail Mix - 2 lbs

    • Yankee Traders, Harvest Pumpkin Trail Mix - 2 Pounds
    • Trail mix includes roasted cashews, honey roasted sesame sticks, butterscotch drops, pumpkin seeds, toffee peanuts and a blend of traditional pumpkin pie spices
    • A wonderful fall mix for all your autumn get togethers.
    • A great item to pack into school lunches, fall hikes or bikes, office mixes
    • Serve them at your next party.

    Home Style Peanut Brittle Candy - 2 Lbs


    • 2 Lbs Fresh sealed peanut brittle
    • Old fashioned golden peanut brittle
    • More peanuts per bite
    • Great for family get togethers, parties, holidays
    • Makes a super gift!

    If you ever feel nostalgic for good, old-fashioned homemade peanut brittle, this crunchy confection will take you on a delicious trip down memory lane. Loaded with jumbo peanuts. Golden blocks of brittle are rich, thick and heavenly sweet. Perfect for family get togethers, reunions, holidays and parties!