The Old

Wax shack

Our hand poured all natural soy wax candles are made in the USA and support American Farmers!

Soy candles last 3 times longer and throw off an incredible scent.

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The Old Wax Shack 16 Oz. Candles

Our Newest

All American Unisex Scent

A Little Bit Sexy

Teakwood, Leather & Tobacco

  • An addictive, dark, sultry unisex 16 oz scented soy candle.
  •  Has a great scent throw when burning or cold
  • Light gray colored candle. Smokey, regal, rich and captures the notes of leather, teak wood, spice-laden green tobacco leaves and just a hint of whiskey
  • A Little Bit Sexy scent for all genders and ages.


 Brand New

Summer Garden Scent

Farm Fresh Tomatoes

  • Farm Fresh Tomatoes, scented 16 oz. mason jar soy candle
  • Highly scented, orange, red candle made with 100% soy wax.
  • A ‘true to life' scent of the wonderful green stems of a fresh garden tomato. Imagine bringing the scent of a fresh plucked, juicy red ripened tomato into your home. Bring the essence of summertime into your life all year round.



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