Yankee Joe Traders
About Us

Yankee Traders is located in the heart of PA but has deep roots in the white mountains of NH. 

We have been traders for over 30 years.  We believe in selling great products at fair prices.  Our coffee roasting is a family run business. Been roasting up coffee beans since 1980.  It is slow roasted in small batches.  It's flavored to order then sent right out to your doorstep! 

We only bring in the best of the best teas for your pleasure!   The candy is fresh because we make the trip to a small candy warehouse in Lancaster every week to pick up new products. 

We only sell items we like and have tested,tasted and baked.  That way we can be sure you will like them too!  We search high and low for unique gifts & novelties. We make our own best smellin' pure soy candles from our own old wax shack.

We are sure you will find just plain neat stuff you may not find everywhere or anywhere else.

We hope you enjoy poking around our webstore!  It's kinda a one stop shop I tell ya...  And come back often 'cause you never know what treasures you will find at Yankee Traders!

Have a good un...

Kris at Yankee Traders


The Old Wax Shack was started by 2 sisters from up north country...Why?  Because they love their soy candles.  They decided to share their candles with friends and family who shared them with friends and family who in turn shared them with friends and family...you see where this is going?  And now we would love to share them with your friends and family.  Our all natural American soy candles smell awesome, burn long, are made with wicks that don't leave black soot and can scent a room without even being lit. 

Smell for yourself...

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