Gourmet Sweeteners


Demerara Sugar (Unrefined Sugar) 2 Lbs

  • Yankee Traders Brand, Demerara Sugar (Unrefined Sugar) ~ 2 Lbs
  • Delicious in beverages, sauces and toppingsProduct of Malawi
  • Made from the first crystallization of cane juice.
  • Large golden crystals and crunchy texture
  • Product of Malawi

Swizzle Sticks , Rock Candy, 14 Sticks, Assorted Flavors,

  • 14 Assorted Swizzle Sticks - Rock Candy on a stick, Yankee Traders Brand
  • Assorted colors may include, white, light blue, red, dark blue, green, pink and purple
  • Old fashioned candy you remember as a kid
  • Perfect as coffee or cocktail drink stirrers. Great party favors
  • Approximately 4 inches of rock candy on each stick. Stick Length: 6 Inches