Autumn Soy Candles & Soaps

Enjoy our seasonal candles & Soaps

... with every season comes a reason to enjoy a new scent!

Our seasonal candles and soaps are the perfect way to bring in a new season.  These candles make wonderful gifts for your friends, neighbors, teachers and co-workers.


Our soy candles are made with a long burning soy wax. 

16 Oz. jars burn an estimated 80 - 100 hours 





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New Look

Apple Spiced Cider Soy Candle - 16 Oz.

New Gift Set

Autumn Candles, Autumn Spice & Fall Leaves (2 Pack, 16 Oz.)

New Look

Autumn Spice Soy Candle - 16 Oz.

Black Leather Jacket 16 Oz. Soy Candle

New Gift Set

Fall Candles, Jack O Lantern & Apple Spiced Cider (2 Pack, 16 Oz.)

New Look

Jack - O - Lantern Soy Candle - 16 OZ.

Maple Glazed Pumpkin Roll Soy Candle -16 OZ.

Limited Time Only

Moose Burps 16 Oz. Soy Candle

New England Maple Syrup Soy Candle - 16 OZ

Limited Time Only
Newest Best Seller!

Vanilla Tobacco, 16 Oz, Soy Candle