Mason Jar Soy Candles

Facts on our wax

Welcome to The Old Wax Shack!

We offer a variety of scented 16 oz mason jar soy wax candles

 for every reason and every season.

We hand pour each candle with loving care. 

Our soy candles are made with a long burning soy wax. 

Burn a minimum of 4 hours to liquefy the entire top layer of wax.

Burn time is approximately 85 - 100 hours depending on air currents in the home or office. 

Please remember:  AIR DRAFTS are not a candle's friend, so if you notice tunneling or uneven burn,

 either move the candle to another location, or rotate the candle 1/4 turn every time you light it.

The Facts on our Wax

Why we use 100% soy wax…


*Soy candles last 3 times longer than petroleum based candles.

*Soy candles throw off an incredible scent and leave virtually no black soot residue.

*We are supporting American Farmers.

*Soybeans are a renewable source and sustainable resource grown here in the ole USA!!

*Every candle is hand poured and will be slightly unique because each field of soybeans is unique!

Q & A


Why do my candles have white spots?

This is called “frosting blooms” or cauliflower.  This in no way affects your candles. Frosting blooms are one way of telling that a candle is made out of all natural soy wax.  Some candle connoisseurs actually like the unexpected variations and patterns that emerge when the soy wax frosts.


My wick is drowning itself out…

Your wick may be cut to low. Make sure when you trim it you leave at least  ¼ inch.  Also make sure not to burn your candle in a drafty location.


My candle is burning with a large flame…

Your wick may be too long.  Again, make sure your wick is trimmed to at approx. ¼ inch.


Why can’t I smell the fragrance?

This can be caused by the room being too large for the candle.  Office buildings, high ceilings, open spaces or drafts can affect the scenting. Sometimes just by leaving a room and coming back in can also make all the difference!


Light, Sense, Experience, Enjoy ~ The Old Wax Shack