Chewy and Retro Candy

We have a great selection of your favorite classic chewy candies as well as those great candies of years past!

Back in Stock May 1st 2024

All American Mini Flag Tootsie Roll 2 Pound Party Bag

Atkinson's Coconut Long Boys -2 Lbs

Bit O Honey Candy -2 Lbs

Black Cow Chocolate Caramel Candy, 2 Lbs. (Bite Size)

Black Jack Taffy, (Black Licorice Flavor) Bulk 2 Lbs

Circus Peanuts - Old Fashioned Candy - 2 Lbs

Fancy Royal Toffee, Assorted Flavors 2 Pound Bulk Bag

Back In Stock

Mary Jane Candy -2 Lbs

Now manufactured by Atkinson
Back in Stock May 1, 2024

Patriotic Stars, Red, White & Blue Salt Water Taffy, 2 Pound Party Bag

Seasonal Item
Back in Stock!

Slo Pokes Candy -2 Lbs

Tootsie Fruit Rolls Assorted Flavors -2 Lbs