Holiday Candy Favorites

Here you will find many of your holiday favorite candy treats and some you may not have even thought of yet!

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Assorted Christmas Holiday Frosted Pops, 4 Assorted Shapes

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Brach's Christmas Nougats - 2 Lbs

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Brach's Christmas Nougats - Bulk 5 Pounds

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Candy Cane Pretzel Balls, 1 Pound

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Chocolate Candy Christmas Bells, 1 Lb. Bag

Espresso Beans, Dark Chocolate Covered Bulk 2 LBS

Espresso Beans,Double Shot Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered,Bulk, 2 Lbs

Espresso Beans, Milk Chocolate Covered Bulk, 2 Lbs

Espresso Beans, Triple Shot Dark, Milk and Coffee Cream Chocolate Covered,Bulk, 2 Lbs

Cinnamon Hearts Candy - 2 Lbs